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Fuel Terminal

Bandar Abbas Oil Loading and Unloading Terminal:

In Bandar Abbas Oil Terminal the oil products are unloaded from the tank wagons and are loaded to the trucks to be transferred and stored in the depots and or to be directly transferred to the ship.

To develop the combined transportation, the "Transportation Railway Company" has established Bandar Abbas Oil Terminal and its installations including the third railway of the terminal, the heating installations, the unloading and loading equipment of the terminal since 1995.

The company has developed its activities since 1998 upon the new investment plan and by establishment of the related installations and by commencement of transit of the oil products, it has taken action for the development of its equipment and installations to the second and the third lines of the terminal since 2000. Subsequently, in 2011, the company had renovated the terminal area and has developed the unloading and heating installations upon a noticeable investment price.

This terminal, with an area of 20,000sqm. Is able to discharge 1,000,000 tons of oil substances a year.

It should be mentioned that, all the aforementioned services and possibilities are exclusively possessed by the Railway Transport Company.  

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